Our Course

Brightwood Golf & Country Club is Nova Scotia’s only 18 hole Donald Ross designed golf course. The course is accessible for all skill levels and each hole offers three different tee options so each player can play the distance they want.

Brightwood, a century of refinement

Established in 1914 with the vision of building a community in the Province known as Canada’s Ocean Playground. Located in the heart of Dartmouth, minutes from Downtown Halifax, at 5,554 yards, Brightwood Golf & Country Club is a par 68 challenge with unparalleled views.

#1 Par 4

White 289 Yards 
Red 269 Yards

Hole Number One Par Four

This is a short hole, reachable with a good tee shot for the longer hitters. Aim at the house off the tee.

#2 Par 3

White 172 Yards
Red 152 Yards

Hole Number Two Par Three

This is a challenging uphill hole. It offers an extremely difficult green, with a variety of tricky pin placements.

#3 Par 4

White 362 Yards
Red 336 Yards

Hole Number Three Par Four

A dog leg right, your tee shot will leave an uphill approach to a green that drops off to the right. 

#4 Par 3

White 148 Yards
Red 143 Yards

Hole Number Four Par Three

An uphill Par 3 with a blind approach. A small tricky putting surface sloped back to front faces the player here.

#5 Par 4/5

White 447 Yards
Red 443 Yards

Hole Number Five Par Four to Five/

A blind tee shot to a fairway sloping right to left. OB along the right side from tee to green.

#6 Par 4

White 309 Yards
Red 254 Yards

Hole Number Six Par Four

A short hole featuring an uphill approach shot to an extremely difficult green. Green slopes severely from back to front.

#7 Par 4

White 378 Yards
Red 358 Yards

Hole Number Seven Par Four

Brightwood’s signature hole. A straight away par 4 with a fabulous view of Halifax Harbor and a green guarded by bunkers.

#8 Par 4

White 387 Yards
Red 316 Yards

Hole Number Eight Par Four

The only water hazard on the course is featured on this straight away hole, stay left of the forward tee off your drive.

#9 Par 4/5

White 425 Yards
Red 425 Yards

Hole Number Nine Par Four to Five

An outstanding straight away hole, approach is played to an elevated green with bunkers front and back.

#10 Par 4

White 343 Yards
Red 332 Yards 

Hole Number Ten Par Four

Dog leg left, your drive sets up an approach into a two-tiered green. OB down the left and hazard on the right.

#11 Par 4

White 354 Yards
Red 342 Yards 

Hole Number Eleven Par Four

This hole features several options off the tee leaving you with a challenging uphill approach shot into a difficult green.

#12 Par 3

White 128 Yards
Red 134 Yards 

Hole Number Twelve Par Three

Shortest hole on the course, it’s a must to carry your shot over the front ridge of the green or the ball will roll back.

#13 Par 4

White 387 Yards
Red Yards 

Hole Number Thirteen Par Four

An elevated tee shot, play down the left center of the fairway to ensure the best position for your approach shot.

#14 Par 4

White 288 Yards
Red 288 Yards

Hole Number Fourteen Par Four

Short dog leg right. A reachable par 4, that may offer a birdie or possible eagle opportunity.

#15 Par 3

White 144 Yards
Red 124 Yards

Hole Number Fifteen Par Three

A tee shot to an elevated green, club selection can be tricky on this hole due to swirling winds.

#16 Par 5

White 454 Yards
Red 441 Yards

Hole Number Sixteen Par Five

A well-placed tee ball can potentially leave you with the opportunity to reach this difficult tiered green in two.

#17 Par 3

White 148 Yards
Red 141 Yards

Hole Number Seventeen Par Three

You must carry a ridge on the front of the green or the player will be faced with a chip for your next stroke.

#18 Par 4/5

White 391 Yards
Red 376 Yards

Hole Number 18 Par Four to Five

Ideally, playing to the left of the fairway will put you in position to play a slightly uphill approach shot to the green.