Golf Cart Rules and Regulations

  1. Players are to obey all cart traffic rules and signs.  Cart users are expected to use the paths around greens and tees.
  2. Do Not drive golf carts within 30 feet of a green or a tee except upon designated cart paths. These areas are especially susceptible to damage by the wheels of golf carts and compaction which can result in damaged chipping and pitching areas. 
  3. Carts must not be taken onto the sloped areas of green, on green approaches, or between bunkers and the putting surface. E.g. Not between # 9 green and # 10 tee. (This was actually witnessed by members.)    
  4. Golf carts are not permitted on or near any tee area. Parking of golf carts is allowed in designated areas only. 
  5. Never drive a golf cart through a hazard. Be careful to avoid soft areas on fairways, especially after rains. Drive in the rough whenever possible.
  6. Always use golf cart paths where provided, especially near tees and greens. players are required to drive carts on cart paths only on Par 3 holes.
  7. When carts are on cart paths keep all four wheels on the path. You can see the damage that has been done to the sides of paths over the years by this practice not being observed.  
  8. When conditions dictate the 90-degree rule, access or cross fairways only at right angles. Without exception (including those with Blue Handicap Flags)
  9. When a “carts on paths only” sign is posted, keep carts on the cart paths.    
  10. When there are “Ground under repair” signs or if the hole is roped off, the signs and ropes are to adhered to without exception.
  11. Golf carts shall be driven on the golf course only when the course is open for play. 
  12. Cart operation that is damaging to the course will be dealt with in the following manner. - Verbal warning and suspension of cart privileges to the offender.

Click here to watch a video on USGA Course Care golf car and pull cart etiquette.

Handicap Cart Operations

The Brightwood Golf & Country Club recognizes that individuals using “blue flags” require some relaxation of normal cart use rules in order to allow them to enjoy their round of golf through improved access, minimizing physical demands and maintaining an appropriate pace of play.

At the same time, “blue flag” users must be aware of the potential damage created by carts and the resulting requirements to additional maintenance. We trust that the following guidelines will allow “blue flag” users to continue to enjoy the game while ensuring that the course maintains the level of quality expected by members and guests.

  1. Players with special Handicap cart operating needs should see the Golf Professional.  
  2. Handicap carts must have a blue handicap flag as provided by the Pro Shop. - Players with handicap flags shall:  
    • Drive behind the green, if feasible, to achieve access to the green from the rear and get no closer than 15 feet from the green. Parking carts at the front or sides of the greens is prohibited.
    • Obey all other golf cart rules and follow all direction signs on the golf course.

It should be understood that the relaxed cart rules are intended to provide assistance to the “blue flag” user only, and are not for the use of the passenger. Cart use to and from the passenger’s ball shall conform to normal cart etiquette and rules of use.

Pull Cart Rules and Regulations

Pull carts are not permitted on tees, to be pulled across tees and greens, green aprons or between greens and bunkers.