Lottery Rules

Weekend & Holiday Lottery

How it Works

Updated June 2021

Brightwood operates a lottery for granting of tee-times for the highest demand times of weekends and holidays. Our present lottery system carries weighting per member category (as listed). After the weighting has been applied, it is entirely random.

The Board of Directors has committed to maintaining the current policy throughout the 2021 golf season and they have further committed to reviewing and considering alternative lottery formats for potential future introduction. Representatives from all member categories will be consulted to assist the Board with such considerations.

Brightwood recognizes and respects the need to provide all members with a fair and equitable offering of course accessibility. The ability to play golf should reflect the terms & conditions of membership as it applies to each demographic and membership category. Excessive demand or a unique circumstance may sometimes cause a perceived unfairness to the system and as such, we will continue to explore and trial alternative formats.

One such format was trialled on Fridays in May / June 2021 based on a ‘fairness factor only’ with zero category weighting. Details of how the Friday lottery worked are also listed.

Conclusions and a decision on the Lottery format for 2022 will be released before the commencement of the 2022 golf season.

2021 - Weekend/Holiday Weighting

Full Play Members: 20 Points

Intermediate Plus Members: 20 Points

Member 30: 15 Points

Member 20: 10 Points

All other categories : 0 Points.

Friday Trials (May/June 2021)

An alternative lottery format was trialled for four consecutive Fridays commencing Friday, May 30th, 2021. There were six overriding principles.

1. All Membership categories equal.

2. Members selected a preferred time within a four-hour window.

3. Random draw with fairness weighting only (therefore, the first Friday draw was entirely random).

4. Factored Friday Lottery play ONLY.

5. Better your success one Friday, the least weight you will carry for the next.

6. Worse your success one Friday, most weight you will carry for the next.